Superstitions Series

The Superstitions Short Story Collection

One For Sorrow cover

One For Sorrow
When she was a young girl her mother taught her the rhyme of the magpies. Seeing a single magpie all alone brings you bad luck. Ellie didn’t believe until the rhyme came true.

Now years later she still believes that the song can pave your destiny. It seems her path is entwined with the magpies as they predict each key event in her life.

When all they seem to bring is sorrow, though, can she trust them to eventually bring her the joy she desperately craves?



With This Ring cover

With This Ring
Friday the thirteenth held very little power over Gabrielle, so she thought nothing of setting her wedding on the unluckiest day of the calendar. When everything goes to hell, though, she soon regrets her decision.

Abducted and on the run she soon finds that although her arranged husband to be is a no-go there are other fish in the sea. And that sometimes we all need a bit of excitement in our lives.

Perhaps the thirteenth isn’t as unlucky as everyone makes it out to be.


Mirror Mirror (coming soon)


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